Explore your boundaries

The evolution of an established independent travel brand.


Brand: World Nomads
Role: Creative Direction


Working as the new WNG UX/Creative Director, the core of my role was to continuosly support and develop the website, apps, marketing and campaign strategies. However one of the most enjoyable tasks was working with the World Nomads team to reimagine the brand presence and to set the road map for how the brand would evolve in the future.

Cover-Page WN-BB-p39-shadow WN-Brandbook-Pages-8-9

The Brand Book

The process of redefining the brand took many iterations as we dissected the various parts: evolving the identity, values, essence, colours palette, defining imagery and tone of voice.

The final output was a concise and inspirational brand book.

WN-BB-p36 shaow WN-Brandbook-Pages-34-35 WN-Brandbook-Pages-30-31 WN-Brandbook-Pages-18-19 WN-Brandbook-Pages-22-23