We’ve got your back

Building a new identity & voice for an established online travel insurance brand. 


Brand: Travel Insurance Direct
Role: Creative Direction

TID is known for their great value product that is quick and easy to purchase. However there was little engagement outside the purchase path and little brand loyalty or retention. In a highly competitive market place this needed to change. After holding a series of collaborative workshops with branding agency End Of Work, we repositioned TID to stand out, not just for insurance but for assistance before, during and after the customer’s trip.

UX Tools

Metrics & Analytics

Stakeholder Interviews

Competitive Reviews

Requirements Workshop

User Research

  • Collaborating with TID General Manager, CEO, Head of Customer Service and Marketing, we gathered the analytics around our current users and broader market data.
  • We engaged End of Work, a small but excellent brand agency specialist, to help us through the branding process.
  • With help from Justin & Goran, we began with an intensive workshop by defining each of our user groups’ requirements, needs etc and plotting them out in a matrix focusing on: Needs/Concerns/How we want them to feel/Benefits/Desires etc.
TID Blueprint
UX Tools

Process Diagrams

Stakholder Workshop

Graphical Design Comps



Functional + Emotional

From the workshop, we articulated the core values and descriptors that began to define the voice of the brand. It became clear that there were both functional and emotional elements that spoke the users needs and aspirations.

Once we had agreed upon the core values we worked with End of Work to refine the Mission/Essence/Proposition/Voice for the brand.

TID Functional values voice

The Brand Book

TID-BrandBook-5 TID-BrandBook-3 TID-BrandBook-2

The Brand Book

Working with End of Work, we created a new personality for the brand and gave it a distinctive voice in a crowded market, the new logo acted as a ‘window to the world’.

The new identity helped TID increase their customer engagement and propelled TID to achieve its most successful month of sales.

TID-Brandbook-Pages-28-29 TID-Brandbook-Pages-14-15 TID-Brandbook-Pages-20-21 TID-BrandBook-1

Campaign Launch

The first outdoor campaign with the new brand identity featured a rich array of dynamic imagery with the new interchangeable colour palette, along with a down-to-earth, accessible tone of voice.  The new TID promise was summed up in the punchy taglineā€¦

We’ve got your back.

TID001_Cross_Track_5960x3060mm_@10%_AW-3 TID001_Cross_Track_5960x3060mm_@10%_AW-2 OffPiste-Outdoor-Underground TID001_OutdoorAdvertising_Adshells_1175x1775mm_Artwork 3-1680 TID001_OutdoorAdvertising_Adshells_1175x1775mm_Artwork 6-1680 TID001_OutdoorAdvertising_Adshells_1175x1775mm_Artwork 11-1680 TID001_OutdoorAdvertising_Adshells_1175x1775mm_Artwork 15-1680 outdoor-portrait Slide 1